What happens?

What happens to girls is this:

First we bleed, we bud, we bloom.

We become some thing that attracts attention.

We become boobs, butt, legs, body.

We become an opening to be filled.

We become woman.

This is what happens.


What happens to boys is this:

First you look, you lust, you lunge.

You learn to take what you want without asking.

You learn to stalk, to hunt, to trap.

You learn to kill for pleasure.

You learn to be man.

This is what happens.


Then the sky fills with poison gas.

Then the mountains consume themselves in flame.

Then there is nothing but  vultures circling.

And the dust settling

on what we were meant to be.

More than woman. More than man.

Curse these forsaken forms.

This is what happens

to us all.


NaPoWriMo 2013: Day 1



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