Evolution of a Freedom Fighter

I. Victim Blaming

i can’t believe

i can’t believe this

i can’t believe this is happening

why is this happening to me?

what did i do?

what did i do wrong?

i must have done something wrong

II.  Bystander Intervention

i saw something

i saw something

i saw something bad

something bad

something bad happened

something, something, something

not right

why is he doing that?

someone should help.

someone should help.

I should help.

I should do something.

I should say something.

I should tell him to stop.


Other voices join me.


He stopped.

I did it.

We did it.

III. Consciousness Raising

why did this happen to us?

why did this happen to US?

what did we do wrong?

what could we have done wrong?

We did not do something wrong!

What happened was wrong.

How did it happen?

We will find out.

IV. More Consciousness Raising

what can i do?

i can’t do it alone?

what can we do?

they have the power.

do they have the power?

they have the power because

we give them the power

we give them the power so

we are the power

they do not have the power

unless we give it to them

V.  Social Change

We will remember that we give the power.

We will convince others to see this truth.

We will remind them that we have the power.

We will withdraw our consent to be ruled.

We will rewrite the history they tell.

We will remove our support for their ways.

We will refuse to fulfill their demands.

We will insert ourselves into their plans.

We will undo the so called “done deals”

We will create our own means to the end.

We are the power.

We are the power.

We are the power.

We Will be FREE.


NaPoWriMo  2013: Day 12


1 Comment

  1. Usha Kasturirangan said,

    April 21, 2013 at 6:23 am

    This poem should be used as a teaching tool.Been reading it over and over again .Publish it and claim it as yours so people can quote you when they teach using your poem.thank you for this one

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