The New Olympians: An Earth Day Poem

Miracle Planet,

what have we done?

Allowed our own god Greed

to hold your Future,

which must be

our Future, hostage.


And now Greed’s

power has grown.

This god has corrupted

Justice, Industry, and Governance.


And we sit, paralyzed

by Greed’s minion  Guilt.

She drives our hand

to make offerings,

obeisance, offer fealty

to the servants of Greed.


But what if we reminded

Guilt that she is none

but Anger turned inward?

Instead of paralysis,

Anger could push us to

act, to resist, to vision,

to change.


What if we withdrew

our offerings to Guilt

to Greed, and to Destruction?

What if we found

new gods to worship?


What if our Future

was released

from bondage,

wounds healed?

What wonders

could she weave

on this Miracle Planet?

And do we have

the courage

to set her free?


NaPoWriMo 2013: Day 22


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